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Lectures videos include topics in Biology, Anatomy, and Physiology. These lecture topics are geared towards students in health science programs.

respiratory system

Overview of the Respiratory System

This video gives an overview of the structures and functions of the human respiratory system.  Time Stamps Terminology 00:03 Upper and lower respiratory anatomy 00:48 Functions of the respiratory system 02:45 Conducting zone and respiratory zone 05:55 The epiglottis, uvula, and trachea 07:09 Vocal cords 09:39 Pleura 09:56 The alveoli 11:03 Download Worksheet Worksheet Answers …

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reabsorption nephron

Reabsorption and Regulation of Excretion

In this video I discuss how substances are reabsorbed in the nephron, the renin-angiotensin system, and hormones that regulate excretion. https://youtu.be/ix-AHTxQWas Time Stamps What is reabsorption 0:03  Transport proteins 2:52  Transport of water, glucose and sodium 4:48  Diabetes and excretion of sugar 7:56  Kidneys and blood pressure regulation 10:03  Juxtaglomerular cells and macula densa 11:18  Renin-Angiotensin system …

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kidney functions

Functions of the Urinary System

This video describes the structures and functions of the kidneys and the nephron, the single smallest functional unit of the kidney. This video also explains the following processes: filtration, reabsorption, secretion, and excxretion. Time Stamps Organs that excrete waste 0:22 Kidney location in the body 0:37 Functions of the kidneys 1:35 Brief Kidney anatomy 4:06 …

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regulation of digestion

Regulation of Digestion and Appetite

This video describes the neural and hormal mechanisms used to regulate digestion and appetite including how thinking initiates digestion, and hormones such as serotonin, gastrin, CCK, secretin, ghrelin, and leptin. https://youtu.be/3t0sIOTJnvY Time Stamps Neural control 0:03  Enteric nervous system 1:51  Three phases of digestion 3:33  Gastric gland 5:23  Serotonin 7:01  Gastrin 9:45  CCK 10:43  Secretin …

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small intestine

Nutrient Absorption and ‘Leaky Gut’

This video describes how nutrients are absorbed across the epithelial cell layer in the small intestine, as well as leajy gut syndrome. https://youtu.be/ZuQ-tl9nOxc Time Stamps Macronutrients are broken into building blocks 0:15  Cool animation of intestinal villi 0:31  Structure of a villus 0:55  Types of membrane transport 1:37  Glucose, fructose, galactose transport 2:11  Nucleotide transport …

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digestive organs

Organs of the Digestive System part 2 + Digestive Enzymes

This video describes the digestive functions of the gallbladder, pancreas, small intestine, and large intestine including functions of microflora and digestive enzymes. https://youtu.be/bhojTH1q70E Time Stamps Gallbladder 0:12  Pancreas 2:05  Small intestine 3:57  Large intestine 6:43  Microflora 8:53  Nutrient review 12:55  Digestive enzyme chart 14:12  Download Worksheet Worksheet Answers More detailed information about hormonal functions of …

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Organs of the Digestive System Part 1

This video describes the digestive functions of the mouth, saliva, stomach, and liver. It is part 1 or 2 and includes a summary chart of liver functions. Time Stamps Mouth 0:20  Tastes 1:40  Saliva 2:11  Swallowing 3:10  Stomach 4:50  Stomach secretions 10:05  Functions of the liver 11:09  Liver function summary charts 23:00  Download Worksheet Worksheet …

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Autoimmune Diseases and Allergies

This video describes the basic underlying mechanisms involved in the develoopment of autoimmune diseases and allergies, triggers, and treatments. https://youtu.be/ZojeIXkjUE4 Autoimmune disease overview 0:03  Examples of the most common autoimmune diseases 2:21  Theories of factors contributing to autoimmune diseases 5:17  Triggers for relapse 10:28  Treatment 12:14  Allergies 13:34  Effects of histamine 15:28  Anaphylaxis and Treatments …

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Vaccine production


This video describes how various types of vaccines are produced, includes live-attenuated, killed, toxoid, DNA and mRNA vaccines. Disclaimer 0:03  Purpose of vaccines 0:09  Cowpox and smallpox 1:07  Types of immunity 2:27  Live attenuated 4:18  Killed virus 6:14  Adjuvant 6:40  Toxoid 8:21  Recombinant DNA 9:21  MRNA 13:06  Summary chart 19:07  Download Worksheet Worksheet Answers Adenoviral …

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Acquired immune system

Adaptive Immune Response

This video describes how the adaptive/ acquired immune response is activated, the role of B cells and T cells, tolerance, and immune memory. https://youtu.be/OJTv8RZ6wW0 Adaptive immune response is specific 0:03  Tolerance 1:22  Antigen presentation 3:37  MHCI and MHCII 5:51  Types of T cells 7:16  Helper T cell activation 8:40  Cytotoxic T cells 14:23  B cell activation …

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