Lecture videos on topics including DNA replication, transcription, translation, mutations, biotechnology, and genetically modified plants and animals.


DNA Techniques

This video describes various lab techniques such as gel electrophoresis, PCR, RT-PRC, DNA fingerprinting and CRISPR technology. Time Stamps Gel Electrophoresis 0:16 PCR 4:03 RT-PCR 8:37 Western/ Northern/ Southern blot 12:02 DNA fingerprinting 14:50 Gene Therapy 19:36 CRISPR 21:04 Download Worksheet Worksheet Answers Images from my Textbook: Human Biology, Anatomy and Physiology for the …

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genetically modified organisms


This video describes generally how GM plants and animals can be made along with various examples such as Bt corn, Roundup Ready soybeans, Biosteel goats, enviropigs and glowing cats. Time Stamps Cool examples of GMOs 0:03 Mr. Green Genes 0:30 Corn and Bt toxin 1:24 Roundup Ready soybeans 2:25 Knockout mice 3:18 Glofish 4:52 …

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cloning a gene

How to Clone a Gene

This video describes the steps involved in cloning a gene, using bacteria and a human gene to make insulin. Also explained: restriction enzymes, vectors, and selectable markers. Time Stamps Definitions 0:10  Gene cloning ingredients 2:16  Restriction Enzymes 3:33  Vectors 7:34  Vector characteristics 8:36  Typical Plasmid 10:08  Other vectors 13:56  Transformation vs transduction 14:38  Cloning a …

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protein synthesis

Protein Synthesis (Translation)

This video describes the process of translation (protein synthesis on a ribosome with messenger RNA and how to use the genetic code. Time Stamps What is translation 0:03  Where does translation occur 0:23  Types of RNA molecules 1:07  How mRNA determines the amino acid sequence 3:40  The genetic code 4:19  Steps of translation with …

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This video describes initiation, elongation, and termination of transcription as well as RNA processing and alternative splicing. Time Stamps Transcription is the production of RNA 0:03  Where does transcription occur 1:27  Review of cell structures 1:46  Three steps of transcription 2:42  Complementary and Antiparallel strands 5:30  Practice making RNA 8:05  RNA Processing 9:00  Alternative splicing …

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DNA mutations

DNA Mutations

This video describes point mutations and recombination mutations, how they arise, their effects, and how our cells deal with them. Includes some inherited mutations and viruses. Time Stamps DNA mutations can impact protein function 0:03  Germ line and somatic mutations 0:54  Point mutations 2:12  Recombination mutations 6:40  Silent mutations 11:02  Mutations are the source …

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DNA replication

DNA Replication

This video describes the structure of DNA and nucleotides, telomeres and the steps of DNA replication, including a summary chart of enzymes. Time Stamps Cell cycle quick review 0:03   Nucleotide structure 0:43   Telomeres 4:19   Steps of DNA replication 6:48   Bacterial DNA replication 9:51   Topoisomerase 11:01   Summary chart 11:48  Download Worksheet Worksheet Answers Images from …

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