Lecture videos that describe the structure and function of human skeletal muscles, including muscle fibre types and muscle metabolism.

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Muscle Metabolism

This video describes muscle metabolism, aerobic and anaerobic respiration in fast, intermediate and slow twitch skeletal muscle fibers. Time stamps Nutrients that can be used to make ATP 0:37  Creatine phosphate 4:27  Oxidative phosphorylation and glycolytic pathway 6:25  Detailed explanation of ATP production pathways in muscle cells 8:42  List of important terms 13:21  Ketones 14:33  Catabolism/ …

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Types of Muscle Fibres

This video describes the characteristics of fast glycolytic, fast oxidative-glycolytic, and slow oxidative muscle fibers. Time stamps Skeletal muscle fibre types 0:09  Chicken analogy 1:44  Details of slow, intermediate and fast fibre characteristics 3:25  Fibre proportions in various muscles 8:40  Genetics and training affect proportions of fast and slow fibres 9:45  Fast and slow fibres in meat 12:33  Engaging different muscle fibres with exercise 13:37  …

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Neuromuscular junction and muscle contraction

This video describes the events that occur from an action potential in a motor neuron to an action potential and contraction in a muscle cell. Time stamps Overview Neuron action potential to muscle action potential (animations) 0:14  Quick review of muscle structures 1:07  Details of a muscle cell 1:40  Neuromuscular junction 3:51  Breakdown of …

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Muscle Tissue

This video describes cardiac, smooth and skeletal muscle tissue, and the structure and function of skeletal muscle fibres. Time stamps Functions of the muscular system 0:25  Cardiac, smooth, and skeletal muscles 2:20  Muscle type summary chart 8:37  Structure of a skeletal muscle 8:44  Fascia (chicken skin video) 11:12  Skeletal muscle cell (fibre) 12:21  Download Worksheet …

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