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https://youtu.be/KBC2CW4NujE Time stamps ATP 0:20 Calories in carbs, protein, fat and alcohol 3:28 Oxidation-reduction reactions 5:54 Glycolysis 11:42 Pyruvate oxidation 14:24 Krebs cycle 18:18 Electron transport chain 21:24 Summary chart 30:08 Nutrients required to make ATP 30:32 Using other nutrients to make ATP 31:49 Anaerobic respiration in humans and yeast 35:04 Hormones that regulate metabolism 40:18 Fun Facts about appetite control 41:53 Download Worksheet 1 Worksheet 1 Answers Download Worksheet 2 Worksheet 2 Answers Images from my Textbook: Human Biology, Anatomy and Physiology for the health Sciences  Images from Pixabay Royalty free stock images 


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