Infectious organisms

Lecture videos on topics including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites, including opportunistic infections and factors that affect severity of disease.

viral infections


This video describes the structure and function of various viruses, how they replicate, lytic and lysogenic cycles and examples of human viral infections. Time stamps Structure of viruses 0:11 Size of virus particles 1:29 Virus structures 2:48 Structure of Covid 4:33 Viruses bind to specific receptors 4:59 Influenza naming 7:16 How viruses are transmitted …

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This video describes normal flora, bacterial cell structures, antibiotic resistance, opportunistic infections and examples of human bacterial infections. Time stamps Normal flora and healthy bacteria 0:30 Structures in prokaryotic cells 3:29 Gram positive and gram negative bacteria 5:08 Endospores 7:04 Cocci, bacilli, and spirochetes 7:51 Antibiotic resistance 8:41 Opportunistic infections 13:27 Charts with examples …

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