Cellular Reproduction

Videos describing mitosis and meiosis, and includes the regulation of cell division and cancer.



This videos describes male and female meiosis, crossing over, and genetic variation. https://youtu.be/g8VKAJRD8k0 Time stamps Diploid and haploid cells 0:33 Difference between males and females 1:37 Stages of meiosis 3:20 Crossing over 10:37 Genetic variation 13:07 Mitosis vs meiosis comparison chart 14:53 Download Worksheet Worksheet Answers Images from my Textbook: Human Biology, Anatomy and Physiology …

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cell cycle and cancer

Cell cycle regulation and cancer

How we regulate cell division and how cancer cells can develop if regulation fails, includes oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes and p53. https://youtu.be/3vXXzkO3_pM Time stamps Benign and malignant tumors 0:31 DNA mutations that can lead to cancer 3:02 Carcinogens 6:25 Cancer stats 9:34 Lifestyle factors 10:42 Proto-oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes 12:22 Cell cycle checkpoints 13:35 …

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Cell Division

This video describes the process of binary fission in bacteria, and the cell cycle and mitosis in eukaryotic cells https://youtu.be/XrwZaHU81pU Time Stamps Binary fission in bacteria 0:26 How bacteria acquire new DNA 3:52 Karyotype 8:00 # chromosomes in other species 9:41 Homologous chromosomes 9:46 Cell Cycle 12:35 Stages of mitosis 17:07 Download Worksheet Worksheet Answers …

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