Immune System


Autoimmune Diseases and Allergies

This video describes the basic underlying mechanisms involved in the develoopment of autoimmune diseases and allergies, triggers, and treatments. Autoimmune disease overview 0:03  Examples of the most common autoimmune diseases 2:21  Theories of factors contributing to autoimmune diseases 5:17  Triggers for relapse 10:28  Treatment 12:14  Allergies 13:34  Effects of histamine 15:28  Anaphylaxis and Treatments …

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Vaccine production


This video describes how various types of vaccines are produced, includes live-attenuated, killed, toxoid, DNA and mRNA vaccines. Disclaimer 0:03  Purpose of vaccines 0:09  Cowpox and smallpox 1:07  Types of immunity 2:27  Live attenuated 4:18  Killed virus 6:14  Adjuvant 6:40  Toxoid 8:21  Recombinant DNA 9:21  MRNA 13:06  Summary chart 19:07  Download Worksheet Worksheet Answers Adenoviral …

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Acquired immune system

Adaptive Immune Response

This video describes how the adaptive/ acquired immune response is activated, the role of B cells and T cells, tolerance, and immune memory. Adaptive immune response is specific 0:03  Tolerance 1:22  Antigen presentation 3:37  MHCI and MHCII 5:51  Types of T cells 7:16  Helper T cell activation 8:40  Cytotoxic T cells 14:23  B cell activation …

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Innate Immune cells

The Innate Immune Response

This video describes prevention mechanisms as well as the non-specific immune cells involved in fighting infections, the inflammatory response and fever. Download Worksheet Worksheet Answers Time Stamps 1st line of defense – prevention 0:09   Antigens and cytokines 4:24   2nd line of defense – Innate immune response 6:55   Neutrophils 7:43   Macrophages and dendritic cells 9:48   Natural Killer …

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lymphatic system

Overview of the Immune System

This video gives a general overview of the structures and functions of the immune system, including lymphatic drainage and microflora. Time Stamps Structures of the immune/ lymphatic system diagram 0:04  Lymphatic drainage 0:46  Overall Functions of immune/ lymphatic system 2:36  Lymph 4:55  How fluid moves through lymphatic vessels 6:29  Bone marrow and hematopoietic stem …

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