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Population genetics

Population Genetics

https://youtu.be/Z4gW7W4t994Time stampsReview of terminology 0:32Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium factors 1:57Alleles in a population 3:22The 2 equations 5:52Example 1 - calculate using the ...
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https://youtu.be/F7rR0cWAqRATime stampsMacroevolution definition 0:24Darwin's finches and iguanas 1:50Rate of evolution 3:19Fossils 4:10Human taxonomy 5:43Human evolution timeline 6:50Comparing anatomy 9:50Comparing molecular ...
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survival of the fittest


https://youtu.be/w2qSqUuWBXITime stampsMicroevolution definition 0:25Evolution vs adaptation 1:10Darwin's Theory - Factors that affect evolution 2:38Selection pressures 5:36Antibiotic resistance 10:24Lamarck and giraffes ...
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Genetic disorders

Genetic Disorders

https://youtu.be/gCQ5LYFoAegTime stampsLinkage 0:17Autosomal nondisjunction 2:44Sex chromosome nondisjunction 5:33Single gene inherited diseases 7:04 Download Worksheet Worksheet Answers Images from my Textbook: ...
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non-Mendelian inheritance

Non-Mendelian Inheritance

https://youtu.be/gcuflemh1n4Time stampsPolygenic inheritance 0:27Incomplete dominance 1:45Codominance 4:45Epistasis 8:58Environmental factors 9:52X-linked 10:54Calico cats 16:35Summary chart 18:00 Download Worksheet Worksheet Answers Images ...
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dihybrid cross

Dihybrid cross

https://youtu.be/80uavNNjbvETime stampsTest cross 0:22Law of segregation and independent assortment 4:00Dihybrid cross 4:47 Download Worksheet Worksheet Answers Images from my Textbook: ...
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Punnett square

Monohybrid cross

https://youtu.be/vpWMWXrxeKUTime stampsGregor Mendel 0:10Homologous chromosomes and alleles 0:57Homozygous and heterozygous 2:03Genotype and phenotype 2:50Probability 7:50Punnett square – monohybrid cross 9:57Dominant ...
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https://youtu.be/g8VKAJRD8k0Time stampsDiploid and haploid cells 0:33Difference between males and females 1:37Stages of meiosis 3:20 Crossing over 10:37Genetic variation 13:07Mitosis vs ...
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cell cycle and cancer

Cell cycle regulation and cancer

https://youtu.be/3vXXzkO3_pMTime stampsBenign and malignant tumors 0:31DNA mutations that can lead to cancer 3:02Carcinogens 6:25Cancer stats 9:34Lifestyle factors 10:42Proto-oncogenes and tumor ...
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Dr. Wendi

Everyone wants to feel healthy and have energy! I created this page so that I can share ideas and information about how diet, exercise, sleep and stress impact your health. I have a PhD in Physiology and I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I am a professor and textbook author and I love teaching and writing about anything that affects our health.  All of my posts reference published peer-reviewed research studies and the links are available at the end of each post.  I welcome all comments and questions.  

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