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Adrenal Glands and Stress

https://youtu.be/vQQGJPHLpQATime StampsAdrenal Cortex and Medulla 0:10 Regions of the adrenal cortex 2:20 Aldosterone and blood pressure 4:11 DHEA 6:23 Cortisol 7:43 Cushing’s disease and symptoms ...
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Thyroid gland

Thyroid and Parathyroid

https://youtu.be/oZtm2nv5DPMTime StampsTSH stimulates the thyroid 0:04 Thyroid Anatomy 2:15 Molecules needed for thyroid hormone production 3:42 How thyroid hormone is produced in follicular ...
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Anterior Pituitary

Hypothalamus and Pituitary Gland

https://youtu.be/xCXtcoUxJZcTime StampsHypothalamus and pituitary gland anatomy 0:03 Posterior pituitary hormones, oxytocin and ADH 2:28 Posterior pituitary hormone summary chart 5:57 Hypothalamus releasing hormones ...
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Endocrine System Overview

https://youtu.be/bs1MvlxV0C8Time StampsRole in homeostasis 0.10 Endocrine vs exocrine 0:26 Endocrine system vs nervous system 1:44 Endocrine glands and main hormones and functions 3:47 Some ...
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fast twitch slow twitch

Muscle Metabolism

Time stamps Nutrients that can be used to make ATP 0:37 Creatine phosphate 4:27 Oxidative phosphorylation and glycolytic pathway 6:25 ...
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slow twitch fast twitch

Types of Muscle Fibres

https://youtu.be/kNDVt0AgJ2wTime stampsSkeletal muscle fibre types 0:09 Chicken analogy 1:44 Details of slow, intermediate and fast fibre characteristics 3:25 Fibre proportions in various muscles 8:40 Genetics and training affect proportions ...
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Neuromuscular junction and muscle contraction

https://youtu.be/dcvgcZoy91MTime stampsOverview Neuron action potential to muscle action potential (animations) 0:14 Quick review of muscle structures 1:07 Details of a muscle cell ...
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Muscle Tissue

https://youtu.be/Iid9qk3FUuATime stampsFunctions of the muscular system 0:25 Cardiac, smooth, and skeletal muscles 2:20 Muscle type summary chart 8:37 Structure of a skeletal muscle 8:44 Fascia ...
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touch and pain

Touch, Temperature, Pain

https://youtu.be/ipdMj2QXoE0Time stamps Download Worksheet Worksheet Answers Images from my Textbook: Human Biology, Anatomy and Physiology for the health Sciences Images from ...
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Dr. Wendi

Everyone wants to feel healthy and have energy! I created this page so that I can share ideas and information about how diet, exercise, sleep and stress impact your health. I have a PhD in Physiology and I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I am a professor and textbook author and I love teaching and writing about anything that affects our health.  All of my posts reference published peer-reviewed research studies and the links are available at the end of each post.  I welcome all comments and questions.  

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