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Pulmonary Ventilation

In this video I describe how pressure changes in the thoracic cavity caused by muscle ...
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respiratory system

Overview of the Respiratory System

This video gives an overview of the structures and functions of the human respiratory system ...
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Trucker convoy

Canadian Freedom Convoy

I recently went to Ottawa where truckers and many others have gathered from all provinces ...
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reabsorption nephron

Reabsorption and Regulation of Excretion

In this video I discuss how substances are reabsorbed in the nephron, the renin-angiotensin system, ...
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kidney functions

Functions of the Urinary System

This video describes the structures and functions of the kidneys and the nephron, the single ...
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regulation of digestion

Regulation of Digestion and Appetite

This video describes the neural and hormal mechanisms used to regulate digestion and appetite including ...
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small intestine

Nutrient Absorption and ‘Leaky Gut’

This video describes how nutrients are absorbed across the epithelial cell layer in the small ...
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digestive organs

Organs of the Digestive System part 2 + Digestive Enzymes

This video describes the digestive functions of the gallbladder, pancreas, small intestine, and large intestine ...
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Organs of the Digestive System Part 1

This video describes the digestive functions of the mouth, saliva, stomach, and liver. It is ...
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Everyone wants to feel healthy and have energy! I created this page so that I can share ideas and information about how diet, exercise, sleep and stress impact your health. I have a PhD in Physiology and I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I am a professor and textbook author and I love teaching and writing about anything that affects our health.  All of my posts reference published peer-reviewed research studies and the links are available at the end of each post.  I welcome all comments and questions.