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Overview of the Digestive System

Overview of the Digestive System

This video describes an overview of the structures involved in digestion and the main overall functions, as well as a look at the tissue level of the GI tract. At the end, I also describe the difference between subcutaneous fat and visceral fat (belly fat) and how the latter is highly correlated with chronic inflammatory conditions. 

Time Stamps

Overview of GI tract organs 0:26

Accessory organs 3:55

Definitions (ingestion, mechanical and chemical digestion, secretion, absorption, defecation) 6:26

Where each type of process occurs in the GI tract 8:00

Fibre 12:06

List of functions of the digestive system 13:24

GI tract tissue 14:57

Mesentery plus cool video clip of intestines 18:42

Visceral fat and why we want to decrease it 19:48

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