Cardiovascular System

Lecture videos on topics including the cardiac cycle, ECG, regulation of blood flow, cardiac output, capillary filtration, and cardiovascular disease.

heart disease

Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Disease

How blood pressure is regulated, hormones that regulate blood pressure, and factors that increase risk of cardiovascular disease/ atherosclerosis including blood cholesterol, abdominal obesity, diabetes and stress. Time Stamps Negative feedback 0:19  Receptors that detect blood pressure 1:26  Effectors that regulate blood pressure 2:54  Hormones that affect blood pressure 6:09  Atherosclerosis 8:34  LDLs and …

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blood pressure

Regulation of Blood Flow

A comparison of factors that affect overall blood pressure and how flow and pressure is affected in specific tissues by vascular resistance. Time Stamps Changes in pressure in various vessels 0:35  Measuring blood pressure 1:57  Two main factors that affect overall blood pressure 3:45  Vascular resistance affected by vessel diameter 4:57  Healthy resting vs …

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net filtration pressure

Blood vessels and capillary filtration

This video describes the general characteristics of various blood vessels and how to calculate capillary net filtration pressure. Time Stamps Veins are capacitance vessels 0:40  Walls of arteries and veins 1:38  Arteries where you feel a pulse 2:54  Compliance and recoil 3:22  Pressure and surface area in various vessels 4:04  Capillary bed sphincters 8:26  …

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The Heart

Cardiac Output

This video describes how to calculate cardiac output and the factors that affect it, including HR, SV, preload, and afterload. Time Stamps End diastolic volume and stroke volume 0:11  Calculate Cardiac output 0:44   Heart Rate – impact on CO 1:47  Max heart rate 3:09  EDV – Frank-Starling law 5:02  Preload 6:56  Skeletal pump/ respiratory …

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cardiac conduction

Cardiac Conduction System

This video describes the electrical events that occur in the heart, pacemaker potential, ANS regulation, and comparison to the cardiac cycle. Time Stamps Contractile, excitable, and conducting cells 0:04  Quick review of Action potential in a neuron 1:36  Pacemaker potential and SA node action potential 3:34  Electrical conduction through the heart 6:08  ECG 9:58  How …

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cardiovascular system

Overview of the Cardiovascular System

This video describes the systemic and pulmonary circulatory routes, functions of the cardiovascular system, and cardiac muscle tissue. Time Stamps Functions – Transportation 0:15 Functions – Regulation 1:29 Functions – Protection 2:28 Systemic and pulmonary circuits 2:56 Arteries and Veins 6:31 Components of the blood 7:43 Cardiac muscle tissue 8:20 Intercalated discs 11:45 Autorhythmicity …

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