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Regulation of Digestion and Appetite

Regulation of Digestion and Appetite

This video describes the neural and hormal mechanisms used to regulate digestion and appetite including how thinking initiates digestion, and hormones such as serotonin, gastrin, CCK, secretin, ghrelin, and leptin.

Time Stamps

Neural control 0:03 

Enteric nervous system 1:51 

Three phases of digestion 3:33 

Gastric gland 5:23 

Serotonin 7:01 

Gastrin 9:45 

CCK 10:43 

Secretin 11:47 

GIP 12:39 

Somatostatin 13:38 

Appetite control 14:35 

Leptin and leptin resistance 19:48 

Digestion hormone summary chart 21:58 

Appetite hormone summary chart 22:03 

Images from my Textbook: Human Biology, Anatomy and Physiology for the health Sciences  or made by me

Some images from open-source Pixabay 

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