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This video describes generally how GM plants and animals can be made along with various examples such as Bt corn, Roundup Ready soybeans, Biosteel goats, enviropigs and glowing cats.

Time Stamps

Cool examples of GMOs 0:03

Mr. Green Genes 0:30

Corn and Bt toxin 1:24

Roundup Ready soybeans 2:25

Knockout mice 3:18

Glofish 4:52

Growth hormone salmon 5:49

Animals that produce pharmaceuticals 6:06

Enviropigs 7:55

Biosteel goats 8:56

How to make a GMO animal 9:22

How to make a GMO plant 13:31

Ways plants can be modified 15:27

Countries that make the most GMOs 16:32

List of most common GMOs 16:36

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