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Regulation of Gene Expression

Regulation of Gene Expression

This video describes how activators and repressors can regulate gene expression in the lac operon in E. coli, as well as various factors that affect gene expression in humans.

Time Stamps

Regulation of Gene Expression and the Lac Operon 

Why gene expression needs to be regulated 0:03 

The lac operon – example of prokaryotic gene regulation 0:54 

Glucose and lactose present 5:11 

No Glucose, no lactose 6:28 

Only glucose 7:20 

Only lactose 8:26 

Eukaryotic gene regulation 9:52 

Heterochromatin 9:52 

Methylation 11:02 

Alternative splicing 11:37 

MRNA degradation 12:21 

Transcription factors 13:19 

Thinking affects gene expression 14:53 

Summary chart 17:08 

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