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Many things can impact our hormones and things can get a little out of wack if we have a lot of stress, don’t get enough sleep, then drink more caffeine than we need, maybe fighting a cold or flu, and then perhaps some bad food choices because that is easier than cooking and junk food gets rid of stress, right?? Or does eating crap cause stress?  Then mood and productivity go out the window and we feel overwhelmed so then we nap and then can’t sleep at night.  How do we get it all back on track? For the most part it boils down to how we are impacting our hormones.  Hormones affect how we function and how we feel……how we feel affects our mood and energy, which then affects our lifestyle choices that affect our hormone production.  It is all a cycle and we have to choose a place…

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natural vs added sugar

The short answer is yes AND no!  It is not quite as clear cut as “sugar is sugar”.  What is the same? Sucrose has the same chemical structure no matter what the source.  Sucrose is a disaccharide that contains 50:50 glucose and fructose molecules.  Glucose and fructose are both monosaccharides that have the molecular formula C6H12O6.  If sugar is extracted from any source such as sugar beet, sugar cane, or corn then it will have some ratio of glucose and fructose and it will all have 4 Calories per gram (as do all carbohydrates including complex carbohydrates), so about 16 Calories per teaspoon.  Here are some examples of the ratio of glucose and fructose in various types of sugar and fruit.  The sugar chemical structure and ratios are very similar, no matter what the source.  Some sources have free glucose and/or fructose, some have most of it bound together as…

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