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The Pancreas and Blood Sugar Regulation

The Pancreas and Blood Sugar Regulation

This video describes how blood sugar is regulated by the 2 main pancreas hormones, insulin and glucagon, as well as what happens when regulation goes wrong.

Time Stamps

The Pancreas – endocrine cells 0:04 

Insulin and Glucagon 1:08 

How different nutrients impact blood sugar 1:41 

Negative feedback regulation 4:21 

How insulin decreases blood sugar 6:38 

How excess glucose is stored 7:33 

How glucagon increases blood sugar 8:25 

How stored nutrients are broken down 8:44 

Hyper and hypoglycemia 9:23 

Hypoglycemia symptoms 10:23 

Hyperglycemia 11:59 

Type 1 diabetes 11:17 

Type 2 diabetes 14:44 

Symptoms of insulin resistance 15:30 

How insulin resistance occurs 16:00 

Complications of long-term high blood sugar 18:32 

How to reverse insulin resistance 19:09 

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