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blood cholesterol

When someone says “I have high cholesterol”, what they actually mean is that they have high LDLs, which are low density lipoproteins where cholesterol is just one component of group of molecules.  Dietary cholesterol is one single molecule and has important biological functions in our body. Dietary Cholesterol Cholesterol is shown in the following diagram.  This is the cholesterol molecule found in dietary sources like meat, eggs, and dairy.  Cholesterol is also produced by our liver. Cholesterol is a fat molecule composed only of carbons and hydrogen and 1 oxygen, that is used in the body to: Make bile – the liver makes and uses dietary cholesterol molecules to produce bile that is transported to the gallbladder and then emptied into the small intestine to emulsify dietary fats so that we can digest and absorb them Make cell membranes – the main fat molecules of all cell membranes are phospholipids…

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