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Regulation of Blood Flow

Regulation of Blood Flow

A comparison of factors that affect overall blood pressure and how flow and pressure is affected in specific tissues by vascular resistance.

Time Stamps

Changes in pressure in various vessels 0:35 

Measuring blood pressure 1:57 

Two main factors that affect overall blood pressure 3:45 

Vascular resistance affected by vessel diameter 4:57 

Healthy resting vs exercising blood pressure 5:50 

How is overall blood pressure affected by example scenarios 6:21 

Regulation of blood flow to various tissues 8:37 

Garden hose vs blood vessels 9:15 

Blood vessels are branched 10:33 

Pressure, flow, resistance 12:20 

How is flow, pressure and resistance affected by various example scenarios 13:47 

Blood flow regulation during exercise vs digestion 14:44 

Summary chart of factors affecting blood flow 15:35 

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