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Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Disease

Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Disease

How blood pressure is regulated, hormones that regulate blood pressure, and factors that increase risk of cardiovascular disease/ atherosclerosis including blood cholesterol, abdominal obesity, diabetes and stress.  

Time Stamps

Negative feedback 0:19 

Receptors that detect blood pressure 1:26 

Effectors that regulate blood pressure 2:54 

Hormones that affect blood pressure 6:09 

Atherosclerosis 8:34 

LDLs and cholesterol 9:43 

Laminar and turbulent blood flow 13:43 

Blood pressure chart 15:45 

Risk factors – Abdominal obesity 16:48 

Risk factors – chart + Metabolic syndrome, stress, inflammation18:17 

Medications that impact blood pressure chart 23:56 

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