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bone broth

Throughout human evolution periods of feasting have been followed by periods of fasting.  Our body is physiologically adapted to spending a little time without food. Skip eating for a day or so, 24-36 hours, and just consume water, tea, or bone broth and feel the health benefits.  I suggest fasting from about 6pm after you have had dinner until 6pm the next day and then have a small dinner, or if you feel good, go until breakfast time the next day.  During the fast you can consume as much non-sugar liquids as you want.  I want to point out that a 24-36 hour fast is completely safe and will not cause your body to go into “starvation mode”; metabolism won’t start slowing down until after about 72 hours.  I do not suggest doing a fast if you are pregnant or diabetic. What are the benefits of a 24-36 hour fast?…

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