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fasting vs starving

A very common argument against intermittent fasting is that you are starving your body and this will lead to a slower metabolism and weight gain in the long run.  Intermittent fasting will not cause your body to think it is starving if you are following one of the standard intermittent fasting methods (see below). In fact, humans can easily tolerate 48 hours without food once in a while with no ill-effects on metabolism. It is healthy to give your liver, insulin receptors, fat cells, and digestive tract a break from eating each day because it will give those tissues time to regenerate and repair…..things it can’t do when it has to digest food and store nutrients. A few methods of intermittent fasting: 16 hours – each day, eat during an 8 hour window 24 hours – once per week, from dinner one day until dinner the next day 2:5 –…

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