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building muscle

In order to build skeletal muscle there needs to be an overall increase in synthesis and a decrease breakdown.  Resistance training causes muscles to breakdown and then rebuild if there is enough protein for the rebuilding process to occur.  The main nutritional factors that stimulate muscle protein synthesis are: Amino acids from eating protein – particularly leucine, a branched chain amino acid that signals protein synthesis Amount and timing of nutrient intake – consuming protein within1-2 hours of exercise is important so that building blocks (amino acids) are available for protein synthesis, and consuming the required total amount per day ensures that synthesis always outweighs breakdown Co-ingestion of nutrients – carbohydrates help to reduce the amount of protein breakdown Creatine is clearly effective for increasing muscle mass in combination with resistance training Some terminology DRIs – Daily Reference Intakes RDA – Recommended Dietary Allowance – the minimum amount of protein…

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