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Neuromuscular junction and muscle contraction

Neuromuscular junction and muscle contraction

This video describes the events that occur from an action potential in a motor neuron to an action potential and contraction in a muscle cell.

Time stamps

Overview Neuron action potential to muscle action potential (animations) 0:14 

Quick review of muscle structures 1:07 

Details of a muscle cell 1:40 

Neuromuscular junction 3:51 

Breakdown of acetylcholine 10:45 

Sarcomeres and thick and thin filaments 11:51 

Muscle contraction and sarcomere shortening 17:54 

Role of calcium and regulatory proteins in muscle contraction 20:01 

ATP and the crossbridge cycle 20:42 

2 reasons why ATP is required for muscle contraction 25:56 

Motor units and concentric, isometric and eccentric contractions 27:20 

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