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How various neurotransmitters have a stimulating or inhibitory effect, how they impact pain, or mood, stress response, pain, mental energy, as well as how various drugs affect different neurotransmitters or their receptors.

Time Stamps

Neurotransmitters and Drugs 

Review of neurotransmitters released from the synapse 0:13 

Acetylcholine, dopamine, endorphins 3:10 

Glutamate, Epinephrine/ norepinephrine, GABA/ glycine, Serotonin 5:58 

Adenosine, Anandamide, Histamine 9:24 

Drugs – Nicotine, Amphetamines, Alcohol, opiates, Ephedrine 10:48 

Drugs –  Benzodiazepines, SSRIs, Caffeine, Cannabis, Hallucinogens 17:45 

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