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Eating chicken skin is good for you

Eating chicken skin is good for you

The problem with chicken wings in a restaurant is the that they are breaded and deep fried in trans fat. If you make chicken wings at home without the breading and trans fat, then they have health benefits.

Simply rub with spices such as Italian herbs, cayenne pepper, garlic powder and salt and bake them, they will get crispy from the natural fat in the skin.

Chicken skin:
– Contains saturated and unsaturated fats, both are healthy (trans fats such as refined canola and vegetable oils cause heart disease)
– Contains omega 9 fatty acids that are anti-inflammatory, increases HDL production (“good” blood cholesterol), and reduce risk of heart disease
– Contains glycine, which is an amino acid that is most abundant in the skin and is beneficial for maintenance of our connective tissues, such as tendons, ligaments, and our own skin
– Eating fat doesn’t make you fat; eating more calories than you burn makes you store fat body extra.
– Increases satiety so that you eat less total calories in a meal and still feel satisfied.


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