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Sleep is essential for life.  I think the most important factors for a healthy body are eating (healthy whole food), sleeping and exercise.  Poor sleep quality and duration are associated with decreased immune function, increased stress hormones (that suppress the immune system), mood disorders, metabolic syndrome, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. In a normal night, we go through about 4-6 cycles of sleep and each stage contains varying amounts of light sleep, deep, sleep and REM sleep. Deep sleep is important for regeneration of the body, including the immune system, and REM sleep is important for regeneration of the brain. Stages of sleep Awake – stage 0 Light sleep – stage 1 and 2 We typically spend around 45-55% of the night in light sleep EEG shows non-REM alpha and theta brain waves Blood pressure, body temperature, breathing, and heart rate start to decrease Muscles relax and you may jerk awake…

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