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Having trouble learning in a large classroom or online on your own?

I am here to help you understand Human Biology/ Physiology at the college/university or high school level. I can help you not only grasp the fundamental concepts but I will help you see how exciting these topics are, making it a joy to learn while you earn top grades. 

Subjects/ topics:

Biological molecules
Mitosis and Meiosis
Diffusion and osmosis
Cell regulation
Mendelian genetics
DNA structure and function
Transcription and Translation
Integumentary system
Muscle physiology
Nervous system
Cognition, learning and memory
Endocrine system
Cardiovascular system
Respiratory sytem
Digestive system
Urinary system
Reproductive system
Immune system
Infectious organisms
Study skills

Individual – per hour $40.00/ hour

Individual – 3 sessions per month $100.00/ month (SAVE $7.00/ hour)

Individual – 5 sessions per month $150.00/ month (SAVE $10.00/ hour)

Small group (2-3 students) – $60.00/ hour (SAVE $10.00-20.00 per person per hour)

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